Flip Down Pommel

Pommels can be integrated into Drop in Seats or the Caddy Seating System, mounted using pop-pin bracketry which allows them to be easily removed for transfers.

The flip down pommel is designed to reduce leg adduction, help maintain a midline posture and prevent wind sweeping.  The pommel can be flipped down for ease of transfers.

Flip Down Pommel - Feature List

  • 3 sizes of PU foam blocks
  • Multi adjustable positioning hardware

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Flip Down Pommel

Dimensions and Part numbers

Size Measurement Part Number
Small 9.3cm x 6.6cm x 9cm L3-P50-S
Medium 11.3cm x 8.2cm x 10cm L3-P50-M
Large 12.8cm x 9.1cm x 10cm L3-P50-L

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Flip Down Pommel Fitting Guide

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