RMS Product Accessories


We offer a full range of Accessories, whether you are looking for a belt, harness or tray, we are sure to be able to find the best solution for you.  In addition offer a bespoke manufacturing service to enable us to meet your requirements where others may not be able to.

belts and harnesses

Belts and Harnesses

RMS have developed a full range of belts and harnesses to aid a clients seating position. All our products in this range can be easily adjusted and are made from washable and breathable fabric.

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Back Rest


RMS have partnered with a number of specialist manufacturers to be able to bring you a full range of backrest and supports.

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Bexhill Armrest


RMS offer a full range of bespoke arm supports to meet individual client needs.

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We offer a full range of head supports available in various sizes and shapes all offering a range of features to meet a clients specific requirements.

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Castor Outrigger


We offer a range of stability devices for use with seating systems to ensure they are stable for use.

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Oxygen Cylinder Carrier


We have a range of oxygen cylinder carrier options available.

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Drop in Seat board


We offer a range of accessories that affix to the seat unit of a wheelchair.

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Angle Adjustable Footrest Stem

Leg & Foot

A full range of leg and foot supports.

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